Roof window blinds

Date Posted: 26 June 2016

Ask Phil if you need a roof window blind for your roof windows?

The advantage of a roof window is that you get lots of natural light into your top level rooms. This is great unless of course, you’re trying to sleep and get woken up by sunlight. If you’re using your loft space as a bedroom, you’re probably going to want a roof window blind, especially in summertime.


What type of roof window blind do I need?

There’s several types of roof window blind that could suit your needs. They vary in style, cost and look so it’s important to choose the right roof window blind. It’s also really important to make sure the roof window blind you choose is compatible with the roof window brand that you have installed.

If you’re looking for a roof window blind, often called ‘skylight blinds’, you should decide if you want ‘dimout blinds’ or ‘blackout blinds’. Dim out blinds let a small amount of light through. These are ideal for evenings, or if you’re sitting at a desk under a sky light and want to take the edge of the brightness of the sunlight coming through. They’re also useful at sunset to prevent the sun shining directly into your eyes.

If you’re likely to go to sleep before sunset or want to be able to shut out the light then you should go for blackout blinds. These do what it says on the tin, blocking out light from outside and allow you to get to sleep in the dark. Not a bad idea if you’re a photographer and plan to use your loft as a dark room either.


How do I order my roof window blinds?

The easiest way is to let The Loft Shop know the size and make of window you need blinds for. If you don’t know, we can get the information from the serial number on your window sash. Then we just need to know which colours or pattern you want from the wide range available and we’ll be able to order the right window roof blinds for you. You can also order you blackout blinds online here or call us on 020 8551 5800 now.