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If you are a tradesman or a company trading within the loft or chimney industry you can benefit from great advantages by opening a trade account on line. These advantages include:

  • Additional trade discounts set up on products when you log in
  • Ability to view old orders and check the status of new ones
  • Ability to edit contact information
  • Ability to add/edit up to 3 delivery addresses
  • Quick and easy to set up

The process to setting up a Trade Account on line is quick and easy. However, please do not attempt to open a Trade Account if you are not a bonified tradesman or do not have a company that trades within the loft of chimney industry. Once you have completed the form below we will check your details on line, and if we are unable to find any reference to you we may request a copy of your letterhead and/or further details. Depending on how quickly we are able to validate your trade status we will confirm your trade account open.

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Open a Credit Account


The Loft Shop can also offer you a Credit Account. However, once your credit account is open it cannot currently be used on line, only by calling 0870 6040404 for loft products and 0870 2411041 for chimney products.

Just look at the great benefits of a Kaysted Ltd (Loft Shop) Credit Account...

  • 2% Extra settlement discount for payment within 14 days
  • Up to 60 days interest free credit
  • Regular bulletins informing you of great offers and savings
  • Dedicated Sales Manager responsible for your account


Credit Account - apply now