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3 Section Timber Folding Loft Ladder LWK Komfort
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This great 3 section folding timber loft ladder is the ideal solution for accessing your loft if you intend to make regular visits to the loft. Coming complete with hatch and frame this loft ladder comes in a wide variety of hatch sizes to suit most circumstances. All hatches offer a generous amount of space within which to walk up the ladder, as well as being able to take objects into the loft. Clearly, the larger the hatch size, the easier it is to take large objects into the loft.

The 3 section timber loft ladder is a pre assembled folding loft ladder of exceptional quality and design (note - hatch sizes 1000mm or under are 4 section ladders and do not come with rubber feet). The loft ladder requires little or no clearance inside the loft. Balance springs assist opening and closing.

  • Superb quality loft ladder
  • Achieves Floor to ceiling between 2.3 – 2.8m
  • Sections fold to fit within the length of the hatch
  • Achieves U value of U = 1.1w/m2K
  • Safe deep non-slip treads
  • Ready assembled
  • Hinged ladder sections: softwood and Handrail
  • Insulated hatch cover
  • Hatch frame
  • Operating hardware and pole

Please note product codes which end in "T" indicate a taller loft ladder with a maximum floor to ceiling height of 3.05m. All other standard sizes qualify for the maximum height of 2.8m

Please click on an image below to download a brochure or flyer 

*Please note: Image shows hatch with brackets- brackets purchased separately* 


Loft Ladder Brochure 

Fitting Service

Products listed as NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY must be ordered before 1.00pm in order for them to be despatched the same day. Orders received after 1.00pm will be despatched the following working day.

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Customer Reviews

(16 reviews)
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Excellent Service.
Reviewed on 10/12/2019 by Newman Floyd

Excellent service and technical help, when I called for advice. 

Good work all! 

Thank you for the review.
Reply on 10/12/2019 by Loft Shop

Thank you. We're very glad to have provided you with a product that you're so happy with, as well as excellent service! 

Timber Ladder Komfort 1110 x 700
Reviewed on 02/05/2019 by Shoshana Waller

Cant complain, delivered on time, product complete. Only comment, online photo shows hatch with brackets, a bit misleading! Need to purchase separately. 

Thank you for the feedback!
Reply on 02/05/2019 by Loft Shop

Thank you for the feedback, we are glad to hear you are happy with the product. Changes have now been made to the products webpage, in order to clearly demonstrate that these brackets are purchased separately. 

Very Pleased
Reviewed on 19/10/2017 by Mrs A Dennett, Chichester

Everything was fine. I ordered the 1110 x 550 ladder and it was put in yesterday and looks quite sturdy. I am very pleased thank you.

Good to hear!
Reply on 19/10/2017 by Loft Shop

Thanks you for your review Mrs. Dennett! We are happy to hear that your LWK Komfort ladder is serving you well!

Service excellent
Reviewed on 19/01/2017 by Loft Ladder Timber Komfort

Service excellent

Delivery next day

Small amount of damage to loft frame but easily fixed

Thanks for your review
Reply on 19/01/2017 by Loft Shop

Sorry to hear you had some minor damage on delivery. We would have been happy to look into this for you, but sounds like you managed the issue yourself and were still happy!

Timber Ladder Komfort 940 x 700
Reviewed on 11/08/2016 by Mrs H White

This ladder is wonderful, I can now safely go into my loft whenever i wish on my own. Fabulous item

Wonderful loft ladder
Reply on 11/08/2016 by Loft Shop

Thanks for such a lovely review of your loft ladder. It certainly makes us all very pleased to think our customers get so much satisfaction form one of our loft ladders.

Timber Ladder Komfort 1110 x 600
Reviewed on 27/06/2016 by LA Seaford, Borehamwood

Arrived on time - left everything clean and tidy. Great job, thank you.

(Ed - customer had this product installed)

Its a pleasure!
Reply on 27/06/2016 by Loft Shop

Glad you are so happy with your loft ladder install

LWK - 280 KOMFORT Loft Ladder
Reviewed on 14/04/2016 by R Aitchison, Beds

Everything went well from the moment of ordering, perhaps knowing when delivery would be there, a little quicker

Thanks for the review
Reply on 14/04/2016 by Loft Shop

Thank you

940 x 600 loft ladder
Reviewed on 14/04/2016 by Mr White, Durham

Ordered on Tuesday, received Thursday. Excellent product, service and delivery. Well done

Thanks - we are pleased you are happy
Reply on 14/04/2016 by Loft Shop

Many thanks for the kind review

4 section timber loft ladder LLTFK1070
Reviewed on 15/02/2016 by Robert Wiessman

I had my loft ladder installed by The Loft Shop Fitting Team.

The two men team who fitted our (4 section) timber loft ladder and hatch door were friendly and efficient- and quick!

Therefore i recommend The Loft Shop.

4 Section timber loft ladder!
Reply on 15/02/2016 by Loft Shop

Although the title of this page is 3 section loft ladder, in the smaller hatch sizes like the 1000 x 700 that Mr Weissman had installed, Loft shop offer a 4 section timber loft ladder option.

We run a fitting service throughout London and are pleased that Mr Weissman is so happy with his loft ladder installation!

Fast Delivery
Reviewed on 27/11/2015 by Tracey, L/Mill

Instructions not good, but can log on, online; safer for kids to use

Thank you
Reply on 27/11/2015 by Loft Shop

Thank you for the review. We will look into the instructions for you, as that is not feedback we have had before, but glad you could look on our website and find installation videos for loft ladders

Such good quality...
Reviewed on 16/11/2015 by KF Bateman, Froxfield

Such good quality that our builder will be recommending this loft ladder to future customers

Wow...thanks for the kind words
Reply on 16/11/2015 by Loft Shop

Thank you. The 3 section timber loft ladder is indeed a great quality piece of kit!

World Class
Reviewed on 16/11/2015 by Mark Bamford, Tangmere

This loft ladder is truly world class. I had one put in my newly converted garage which is now a dining room. Great quality, perfect for multi-use... i am looking forward to getting up into the loft and playing with my scalextric and Hornby railway set!

Thanks Mark
Reply on 16/11/2015 by Loft Shop

Thanks for such a glowing review - enjoy the man cave!

The 3 section timber is great for multi use, and folds neatly away every time.

Reviewed on 12/10/2015 by J O'Hara

Happy but...

Damage to corner of box caused by couriers b roke product, but carpenter managed to repair. Box probably dropped in transit.

Thanks for the feedback
Reply on 12/10/2015 by Loft Shop

Thank you for letting us know about the damage. Of course, if this had been reported at the time of delivery, we would have picked up and replaced the product without hesitation. We are happy that you managed to repair the product - you obviously have a very good carpenter!

Although our couriers try their up most to deliver goods in perfect condition and have an excellent record in doing so, damage can ocassionally occur. For anyone reading this, please make sure to check your product at the time of delivery. You have the right to refuse the delivery if you are not 100% certain it has arrived undamaged.

The Second ladder i have bought in 10 years!
Reviewed on 02/07/2015 by E Idle, Gillingham

The second ladder ive bought in 10 years! everything was very very good...ordering and delivery next day was stunning...worth 6 stars!

Thanks for the kind words!
Reply on 02/07/2015 by Loft Shop

Next day delivery is available on a lot of Loft Shops loft ladders

Very Happy with Loft Ladder Installation
Reviewed on 17/06/2015 by Guy Kweshi

I had a loft ladder installed through Loft Shops fitting service. Fitter was friendly. Everything was straight forward and well laid out. Also no suprises or hidden charges. Got exactly what we had hoped for. AND, he had an apprentice, so it was nice to support young skills developement.

Thanks for the kind words
Reply on 17/06/2015 by Loft Shop

Thank you for your feedback Kweshi. We are glad the process was handled so smoothely, but you could argue we should know how to fit loft ladders given we have installed almost 100,000 since 1987 when we started operating our roof window and loft ladder installation service. Our current fitter has worked for us for most of those years believe it or not, but it is nice that he is able to pass on his skills and know how to our young apprentice who is doing a great job for us!

For anyone reading this review, we do have a seperate website for fitting enquiries...please check out www.loftladderfitter.com

Excellent delivery time
Reviewed on 07/05/2015 by Mrs C Gasan, Tiverton

Excellent delivery time. Ordered at 08.30p.m and it arrived the next day!

Wow that is quick!
Reply on 07/05/2015 by Loft Shop

Thanks very much for the feedback. That is actually an even quicker delivery service than we advertise for the 3 section timber loft ladder, but we are glad you were so impressed. We always like to underpromise and overdeliver if we can, so this makes us very pleased.