Loft Ladder Fitting Form

The Loft Shop offers a massive variety of loft ladders available for installation through our expert fitting team. The Loft Shop have installed over 60,000 loft ladders since 1987

In order to make the process of booking and installing your chosen loft ladder a lot quicker and more efficient, there are three basic fitting measurement checks you need to verify. Please complete the details below and state which loft ladder model you require fitting under 'additional comments' and and submit the form.

*It is important to note that some loft ladders require an additional survey, whilst others such as the Easiway and Spacemaker models do not. The Loft Shop does not install nationwide, but mainly in the South East of England.

Enter your measurements below:
Easiway (£179.17 exc VAT)
Spacemaker (£99 exc VAT)

Floor to Floor (Fig A)

Hatch Clearance (Fig B)
b   (minimum hatch clearance requirements)

Hatch Opening Size (Fig C)

(minimum hatch opening size requirements)

Note : Check for any obstructions such as electric cables, pipes, support beams or water tanks in the way, especially in relation to FIG B ‘HATCH CLEARANCE’.
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