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The best low cost roof window

Date Posted: 20 June 2016
When it comes to deciding which roof window to go for, you have many factors to consider.
Roof windows are essential to any loft conversion. Not only do they ensure the perfect finish, but roof windows are vital in making sure enough light enters the space and protecting insulation to keep heating bills to a minimum.

Congratulations Mr Singh!

Date Posted: 10 May 2016
Congratulations to Mr J Singh from Romford who was the lucky recipient of a case of champagne when his feedback card was drawn out of the hat.

Ask Big Phil

Date Posted: 10 March 2016
There are very few companies around that have anywhere near the level of knowledge Loft Shop does on lofts and loft conversions. Some of our staff have been working for us for almost 20 years and over that time have gained a wealth of knowledge about lofts and loft products such as roof windows, loft ladders, roof domes and more. Ask Big Phil is a regular blog that will be updated with interesting news about the loft industry as we consult our resident expert Phil Chakli.

Why have a loft ladder installed?

Date Posted: 08 March 2016
Big Phil explores why you would want to consider having a loft ladder installed, what the options are, and how The Loft Shop can help you find what you are looking for!

White Roof Windows...what is all the fuss about?

Date Posted: 18 February 2016
We ask Big Phil his thoughts and opinions on the sudden change in the roof window market towards painted white roof windows...