Is a loft ladder a legal requirement? Do I need a loft ladder?

Date Posted: 18 October 2016


Today, we ask Big Phil about loft ladders and why we need them

Do I need a loft ladder?

Put simply, unless you have a fixed staircase to your loft space, yes you do need a loft ladder. Access is important for maintenance and access to the roof, but these days most people use loft space for storage if not as an additional living space in their home. It’s a legal requirement that there is roof access to any loft space in a building. In a building of three or more stories, there is also a legal requirement for the access hatch to be fire resistant for at least 30 minutes.


What kind of loft ladder do I need?

The type of loft ladder required depends on your access to the loft and what the space is used for. If your loft is part of your living space, for example if it’s used as a reception room, bedroom or bathroom, you will need a fixed permanent staircase to the loft. If it’s used for storage, or not used except for maintenance, a folding loft ladder and hatch system is needed.

There are many types of loft ladder available in several styles and colours to suit your needs and fit in with the look of your home. Today, the electric loft ladder options are popular. These allow you to open and close the loft access via a button on the wall or remote control handset.


Is it a big job to install a loft ladder?

Most loft ladders come pre-fitted with the ladder, hatch and frame made-to-measure and ready to install. You can choose whether you want pull down or concertina ladders, hand rails and caster wheels or flat bottomed sides and what kind of steps you want from our extensive range. For more information or help checking the size of your loft ladder hatch, contact me on 020 8551 5800.