This week, we’re asking Big Phil all about electric loft ladders and why they’re great

Date Posted: 06 September 2016

Why do I need an electric loft ladder?

Electric loft ladders are the most convenient type of retractable steps for your loft access. If you’re fed up with waving a stick with a hook on the end, trying to catch the loft door loop to pull it down or struggle to push the ladder up and close the loft hatch, electric loft ladders will solve your problem.

With a remote control or wall switch, opening and closing your loft access couldn’t be easier. Our electric loft ladders come with two guardrails and have caster wheels on the bottom to protect the flooring below. What’s more, you can chose between colours and finish depending on the electric loft ladder you want.


How do electric loft ladders work?

Electric loft ladders work in much the same way as traditional concertina ladders, with one big difference: You press a button and they do all the work. You can connect them into your electric circuit, ideal if you want a wall switch to operate the ladder, or simply plug it in to an existing socket if you’d prefer to operate the electric loft ladder by remote control.

How do I fit an electric loft ladder?

Fitting electric loft ladders couldn’t be easier. The ladder comes pre-fitted with the hatch and frame and is made to measure. All you need to know is the distance from floor to ceiling and the width of the loft hatch space. For more information, or to see how the electric loft ladders work, give me a call at the Loft Shop on 020 8551 5800. Check out the video of an electric loft ladder in action here: