Today we ask Phil about AOV systems...

Date Posted: 20 July 2016

What are AOV systems?

AOV is the abbreviation for ‘automatic opening vent’.  It’s a system that automatically opens a sky light or ventilation point in the roof when smoke is detected by sensors and is often used in commercial properties, though many people would like it in their homes as an additional safety feature.

Smoke control systems are a legal requirement in multi-storey residential buildings, primarily to keep stairwells and corridors free from excessive smoke if fire strikes. They are a vital safety requirement to aid evacuation in the event of a fire. They are also used in office buildings and hotels as well as public buildings such as theatres, cinemas, shopping centre and transport hubs.

Many people living in multi-floor homes such as traditional town houses with a roof conversion can benefit from an AOV system and it can help reduce insurance premiums for fire and life cover.

How do AOV systems work?

AOV systems can be operated manually as well as automatically. They open automatically when sensors detect smoke to allow quick release and to keep stairwells, corridors, rooms and escape routes clear in the event of a fire.

What type of AOV systems are available?

Velux offer a great range of smoke ventilation systems for both flat roof and sloped roof requirements. You can get roof domes, windows and skylights for your AOV system.

The Loft Shop Smoke Ventilation System is a great option for flat roof smoke ventilation systems. These automatically lift up in the event of smoke detection. There are roof domes that open on a hinge to 160 degrees to ensure fast and clear smoke ventilation.

If you require roof access or escape routes via the roof, there are some great AOV systems that have larger windows that open to allow roof access. Feel free to give me a call on 020 8551 5800 to discuss the options and requirements if you want more information about putting in roof access automatic opening ventilation systems.