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Loft Shop Smoke Ventilation Roof Dome
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Please note, there is an option for the control package or unit only. The control package features includes polycarbonate double-glazed smoke vent, upstand and actuator, smoke control panel, manual control point and smoke detector. The unit only option is just the smoke vent, NO control package.

In the event of fire, Loft Shop Smoke Ventilation Roof Dome 160° smoke vents exhaust smoke and heat from stairwells and corridors in apartments, hotels, shops and offices. Which means more accessible escape routes, safer fire-fighting and less risk of explosion and gas inhalation. And with a choice of solid or glazed covers to maximize daylight, they’re a bright idea however you look at it. 

Meeting legal requirements
Because smoke vents are life-saving devices they classify as Attestation Level 1 under CE EN12101-2 Norm which, together with the CPR Regulation No 305/2011, strictly regulates the manufacture and sale of these products. 

The below dimensions acheive the following M2 of airflow.   

Size (mm) M2 of Airflow
700 x 1600     1 m2
900 x 1200     1 m2 
1000 x 1600   1.50 m2
1050 x 1050     1 m2
1300 x 1300   1.60 m2

Smoke Vent Features
Fully certified to CE EN12101-2
Fire rated to Class AA  
Compliant with Building Regulation ADB and ADL  
Open to 160° within 60 seconds  
Can incorporate roof access facility  
Provides natural comfort ventilation  
Impact resistant to CE EN1873 1200 joules – certified non-fragile  
Available with polycarbonate, clear or opal glazed, or solid insulated cover  
Available with PVC Em-Curb suitable for use with all roof membranes or direct to builder’s upstand 

Full Kit
Includes polycarbonate double-glazed smoke vent, upstand and actuator, smoke control panel, manual control point and smoke detector.  

Please note - the product sold here is a 150mm high upstand with a double skin polycarbonate dome.  Optional 300mm high upstands and triple skin domes are available, please call us on 020 8551 5800 to find out more.  

Loft Shop Smoke Ventilation Roof Dome Smoke Control Panel (EVSCP 24)  

Fully certified to EN12101-10 and designed in accordance with EN12101-9 (draft), with visual LED indication on front panel and comfort vent open and close operation.  

Manual Control Point (EVSMCP)  

LED display gives open, closing and healthy indication. Sounder gives alarm condition. Reset button closes smoke vent and resets control panel.  

Smoke Detector (EVSSD) Automatic fire detection with LED display when activated.  



Fireman’s Priority Switch (EVSFPS)  

Provides the highest priority control, with LED status symbol and sound indicator.  


Heat Detector (EVSHD)  

Indicates early fire detection at max 75°C with an LED display. 



Key Switch (EVSKS)  

Manual key control prevents unauthorised use when smoke vent is also used for roof access.  

Comfort Switch (EVSCS)  

Manual up/down control of comfort ventilation, supplied with wall mounting housing.  

Room Thermostat (EVST)  

For automated control of comfort ventilation via temperature thermostat dial.  

Wind & Rain Sensor (EVSWRS)  

Overrides comfort switch and closes smoke vents automatically in adverse weather. 


Smoke vents are life-saving appliances. They create a smoke free layer above the floor by allowing heated smoke and combustible gases to exhaust from the façade or roof of a building. This makes fire-fighting safer and easier, and reduces the risks of explosion and inhalation of poisonous gases. Smoke vents also offer a means of access to and from the roof, as well as providing comfort ventilation and natural daylight. Smoke Vent Residential and Commercial Em-Vent 160° smoke vents exhaust smoke and heat from protected stairwells and corridors in residential apartments, hotels, shops and offices. In the event of fire, they help to keep key escape routes accessible with minimal smoke build-up. Combined with Em-Dome skylights, they help to maximise natural light levels. Em-Vent smoke ventilators are available in polycarbonate glazing, which facilitates amplified levels of daylight, or solid cover. Units come in a wide range of stock sizes appropriate for various site dimensions.

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