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Date Posted: 18 February 2016


White Roof Windows…what is all the fuss about?

In the first of our blogs we will be looking at the current trend within the loft conversion, construction and home improvement market to specify and install white roof windows.
Each time we put up a blog we will be asking our resident loft expert Phil Chakli about his opinions on the direction the market is going and where appropriate which products/ product ranges he would recommend to you as customers. Phil runs the Loft Shop in Gants Hill, Ilford and is vastly experienced having sold roof windows and loft products for the best part of 20 years. Beginning with Roto roof windows in the late 90’s and moving on to selling Velux, Rooflite, Keylite, Luctis and Fakro roof windows in more recent years there is little he does not know about the vast range of roof window options available on the market. So…

What is all the fuss about concerning WHITE roof windows?

Whether you are thinking of replacing your old Velux type roof windows or you have a new project that requires roof windows, the white window has become the new way forward. More and more people are looking to install the white roof window, as it is easy to clean and maintain, the perfect option for installing into kitchens and bathrooms and other areas of high humidity.
With the white roof window becoming more and more popular, as of March 1st 2016 market leaders Velux will be introducing the White Painted Centre Pivot timber Roof Window. The white window will now supersede the old natural pine finish roof window and this will be available ex stock with the pine GGL Velux window available only to order.
Can the white Velux roof window be installed anywhere in a home?
Velux does not recommend that the white window be installed into bathrooms or kitchens, instead they recommend you install the moisture resistant polyurethane roof windows from their GGU Range.

What are other roof window brands doing?

To counteract this new development from Velux, Keylite roof windows have reduced their White Polyurethane windows by 15% to bring them in line with the cost of the pine range. The advantage of the Keylite roof window against the white painted Velux is that Keylite provides a white roof window which comes with a polyurethane coating. The special white polyurethane paint coating helps to make the roof window resistant to moisture build up which might occur in traditionally wet and humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Roof windows with a white finish help complete the modern light and spacious feel

What about glazing?

Keylite roof windows have also upgraded their glazing so all polyurethane windows will now be supplied with HIGH THERM GLASS, so that now you do not need to compromise on quality. You can now purchase a Keylite Polyurethane window with Hi Therm glazing, (High Therm glazing, consists of   Self-cleaning Glass on the outer pain, 4mm toughened outer pane, 18mm argon gas filled cavity, 6mm laminated inner with a warm edge glazing unit) at a much lower price than a white painted Velux. All Keylite windows come with a 10 year guarantee and their glazing units are 28mm double glazed as opposed to Velux which are 24mm    
Keylite windows are available from The Loft Shop and can be delivered direct to site within 24-48 hours. If you are interested in knowing more call 0208 5515800

The Keylite roof window offer sounds very good…

Yes…Velux roof windows are market leaders and have been for over 70 years. Their quality is unquestioned and they are generally the first port of call when considering a roof window. Therefore other manufacturers tend to have to offer something that little bit extra to be able to compete, and to reduce Velux’s hold on the market.
So…would you advise going for a Keylite roof window in this situation?
We have already explored the differences between Velux and Keylite, they both offer a white polyurethane window, Keylite offers a thicker glazed unit, and their fixing brackets are already attached to the window which makes it easier for the trades person to fit, saving time on the installation. Keylite roof windows also come with an additional thermal collar filling the gap between the window and the roof preventing heat loss. With this in mind if I was asked which of the two offers you more for your money I would have to sway more towards the Keylite. Having said that, Velux is a brand that everyone recognises and some customers will want to remain loyal to what they know!

Are there any other white roof window options?

Velux and Keylite white polyurethane windows are still timber based roof windows with a polyurethane (PVC) coating, so effectively these are still timber windows. Another roof window manufacturer Fakro, have manufactured and are supplying a solid PVC roof window. This is a far superior roof window as it is made of solid PVC profile steel reinforced frames and sashes, available in standard smooth  white finish. As a special you can order them  in oak or natural pine veneer.
Fakro windows are available in various glazing units, standard double glazed, triple glazed or quadruple.
Fakro PVC roof windows are designed to be maintenance free. Taking this information on board if I was in the market to purchase a white roof window I would look no further than the Fakro PVC range, as it is made of smooth white PVC, it is steel reinforced on both the frames and the sashes so there is no maintenance to speak of and with a gentle wipe around the sash the window will always look as new as the first day you took it out of the box. Fakro windows are operated with a handle at the bottom of the window as opposed to a bar at the top like Velux and Keylite. The advantage of the handle is  that it does not take up space and offers a larger glazed area than Velux and Keylite, with two additional venting positions in the handle  and a hit and miss vent at the top of the frame. This allows you to have constant ventilation coming through and that will reduce any condensation during the cold winter months. After all is said and done the reason we want to have roof windows installed is to bring light into the room. With a larger glazed area you will benefit from more light coming in, without having to install a larger roof window.  

How can The Loft Shop help?

The roof window market has evolved considerably over the years, there is a wide variety of choice and it can be confusing as to which product will be best suited for your needs, here at the Loft shop we can offer a wide range of roof windows from the basic low cost timber roof window, to the most high end PVC electrically operated high energy efficient window. With over 20 years’ experience in the roof window market we are confident that we can supply you with the correct product that meets all your expectations and requirements as well as being competitively priced. As well as seeing these products online and in our brochures, please don’t hesitate to come down and try the products out in situ! We have many different roof windows on display and can even boast electric roof windows, electric loft ladders and electric roof domes!  Call us on 0208 5515800 and speak to Big Phil yourself!