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Stira Semi-Automatic Timber Loft Ladder

Stira Semi-Automatic Timber Loft Ladder

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Semi-Automatic Wood Loft Ladder

 Our Semi-Automatic wooden loft ladder is a new option for simply and easily accessing the loft space in your home. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for and easy to open, safe and durable timber loft access system, without the cost of a fully automatic system.

At Loft Shop, we have a wide range of wooden loft ladders to suit every home. However, with the click of a button the Stira Semi-Automatic loft ladder will automatically open the trap door, presenting a sturdy folded ladder to be unfolded off the door. 

For more information about the Loft Shop range of Semi-Automatic wood loft ladders, please click on the loft ladders above. Alternatively, please call us on 020 8551 5800 or drop into our showroom and we’ll be happy to help you find and install the right wooden loft ladder for your home