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Loft Legs, Lights and Loft Products

Loft legs can be an important addition to allow you the use of loft boards without reducing the effectiveness of your insulation - as studies have shown that compressing insulation can inhibit its thermal properties by over 50%. By using legs to provide clearance of 175mm, this situation is easy to avoid; if you are using your loft for storage, loft legs are a must-by to facilitate getting from your loft lid to those back corners without damaging the padding.

We also sell battery-operated LED loft lights that allow you an incredibly easy way to add lighting to your loft without any electrical wiring. With a battery that lasts for years thanks to the low energy consumption of LEDs, this is a great and simple solution to the problem of effective loft lighting.

You can give us a call on 020 8551 5800 or choose from the links above - we are always on hand to help you upgrade your loft.