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Colt Top All Purpose Chimney Cowl
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Introduced in 1985, The Colt Top is still the most popular selling anti downdraught cowl in the UK!

  • Suitable for all fuels (removing birdguard for solid fuels is recommended)
  • Static anti downdraught cowl in aluminium and powder coated in terracotta.
  • All fixings and birdguard are stainless steel
  • Tested and certified to BSEN-1856-1:2003
  • Fully assembled
  • No special tools required
  • Effective at solving downdraught problems when wind blows from any direction
  • Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  • Withstands flue temperatures up to 200 degrees celsius
  • 135mm (h) x 435mm (w)


Colt Tops work on the same principle as Colt Cowls but are more efficient as their rounded shape creates lift whichever direction the wind is blowing, eliminating downdraught. Rain drains help divert water outside the chimney pot. Colt Tops are available in Gas and All Purpose models. The Colt Top All Purpose (brown) is the same as the Colt Top Gas (aluminium), but additionally has a painted finish which is highly resistant to corrosive fuels such as Coalite, Furnacite and anthracite. It is suitable for all fuels

Colt Cowls

Colt Cowls have been market leaders inthe production of chimney cowls since 1931. All Colt chimney cowls come with the following benefits:

  • Highest quality chimney cowls available
  • FREE next day delivery anywhere in mainland UK
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Technical back up from expert an expert sales team with over 80 years experience of making Colt Cowls
  • Constant developement of new and exciting product ranges

Quality Guaranteed

Because Colt Cowls have been making chimney cowls for 80 years, you can be sure our offer has stood the test of time! Most Colt Cowl products are manufactured from high quality aluminium alloy and stainless steel. Colt Cowl products have been designed to withstand normal operating temperatures in chimney flues up to 250°C. Since 1931, millions of Colt Cowl products have been installed. The Colt Cowl stamp can be found on products with individual packaging and it is your seal of quality and a symbol of what distinguishes Colt Cowls as the best quality chimney cowls on the market.

Money Back Guarantee

On certain products an unconditional Money Back Guarantee is offered. Experience has shown that only in isolated cases will our product range fail to solve the problem encountered. If, having installed the product correctly, the problem still remains, simply return it to the place of purchase within a reasonable period of time, with full proof of purchase, for a full refund.

The MBG applies to all products with the MBG symbol  displayed. the guarantee will not apply where a product has been subjected to temperature in excess of the recommended operating temperature and where excessive wind speeds are experienced, or where it can be shown unseasoned wood has been burnt. The offer does not affect your statutory rights.



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Customer Reviews

(1 reviews)
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Money Back Guarantee
Reviewed on 26/02/2014 by Jimmy S - Stockport

Cant believe this, but this product actually said that if it did not cure the downdraught, I could get my money back! I have had a problem with smoke puffing back into the lounge for years now when its windy, and since I installed this the problem has disappeared!

I am delighted as the money back guarantee is clearly not a gimmick - they work!!

Colt Cowls - since 1931
Reply on 26/02/2014 by Loft Shop

Jimmy thanks for the feedback. Colt Cowls have had a money back guarantee for over 80 years now and clearly would not be able to sell the products with this guarantee if they did not work. We see this as a real mark of quality. Colt Cowls are also the market leaders in the production of chimney cowls so it is a brand you can rely on.