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Flexiwall Flexible Flue Liner 316/316
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Flexiwall flexible chimney liner is a Solid fuel/ Multi fuel Flexible Chimney Liner used to line an existing brick or masonry stack.

Flexiwall chimney liners are all of stainless steel twin-lined grade 1 quality and produced to the highest of standards. The liners are designed to withstand high temperatures and have a good resistance to corrosion.

Flexiwall chimney liners flexibility allows it to be handled and installed with a minimum curvature radii whilst avoiding any damage to the inside of the liner, in other words it is a very flexible flue liner. When installing the chimney liner, please note that the arrows marked on the liner need to face up the chimney, indicating the direction of the flue gases. Incorrect installation can result in a faster build up of soot deposits and a greater chance of a chimney fire. The inner wall is of smooth bore construction giving extremely low resistence to the flue gas flow. The outer wall has a convoluted profile with a crimp and locked seam. The two walls are seamed together throughout the length to ensure its stability and integrity.


  • Flexiwall has been tested by BSRIA and has a designation number of EN1856- T450-P2-D-VML-L500-24-G.
  • CE marked.
  • Produced in an ISO9001 factory.
  • Normal operating temperature of up to 450 degrees celsius for solid fuel and 250 degrees celsius for gas and oil.
  • Made of 316 grade Stainless steel inner and 316 outer (Triple lock).
  • It is recommended that 316/316 Flexiwall Chimney Liner is used for Gas, oil, coke, cured dry logs and cure dry peat.
  • Flexiwall chimney liner will withstand thermal shock at 1000 degrees celsius for a short duration in emergencies.
  • Suitable for burning the following fuels: dried seasoned wood, gas, oil & coal.
  • This liner also has a 20 year product replacement (conditions apply - please contact us for details)


Priced per metre. Various lengths are available.

Before you start the installation


 Check the following:


1. Your chimney has been swept.


2. Check the liner will go down your chimney. This can be done by pulling down a small section of the diameter liner you will be using eg: a 1 mtr length, down the chimney as a "test-pull".


3. If you are going to be using a suspended cowl then there is no need to remove the chimney pot. However, if you are going to use any other type of termination, check that you can remove the pot easily on the day of installation.


Installation Guide


You need to install your flexible liner from the top of the brick chimney stack. Please ensure that you have sufficient clearance around the outside of the liner to ensure the least amount of friction or possibility of catching any bricks within the chimney stack.


Unpack your flexible liner, start by attaching a drawstring to the nose cone, (making sure it is long enough to reach the bottom of the stack), connect the nose cone (purchased separately) to the end of the liner using gaffer tape. Ensure the arrows marked on the liner are facing an upward direction (representing the direction of flue gases).


You will need two people to install your liner successfully, one at either end of the chimney stack. From the top of the roof, start to push the liner, nose cone first, down the stack. The person at the bottom of the stack should hold the string and take up the slack. Work in tandem to feed the liner down the chimney stack, ensuring you leave enough liner at the bottom to secure your adaptor and enough at the top to secure the top fixings. 


Please note: The liner should not be fitted directly to the appliance. A short length of either vitreous or 316 stainless steel (preferably with a clean-out door for sweeping if access is required) should be fitted from the appliance to the liner adaptor.

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