Eco-Friendly Roof Window Solutions

Date Posted: 21 December 2018


These days, many of us are turning to more environmentally conscious habits and lifestyles. Whether it’s switching to reusable water bottles or cycling to work, there are many ways in which we can do our bit for the environment, and save some money in the process.

As a result of this growing awareness, energy-efficient houses are becoming more popular, and many of us are searching for ways to make our homes as energy efficient as possible. For those thinking of investing in a loft conversion, energy efficiency is of particular concern, as up to 30% of the heat generated within our homes is lost through the roof.

Though adequate insulation will prevent the majority of heat from escaping through your loft, roof windows are another key consideration if you’re concerned with energy efficiency. By choosing the right type of window, as well as the right location, you can reduce both your bills and your carbon footprint.

Roof Windows and Natural Light

By choosing a roof window for your loft conversion, you are already creating an energy efficient solution for your home. Unlike a traditional window, which relies on direct sunlight and a lack of obstructions, roof windows provide your loft with direct access to daylight via their sky facing direction. This means that even on overcast days, it’s likely you will never have a need for your electric lights, especially if you install more than one roof window in your loft space.

Of course, orientation can play a large part in how much daylight and thermal energy your loft receives. Roof windows are extremely versatile, especially with regards to the position they are placed in.

Provided there are no structural obstructions, you can install the window wherever you feel will be the most efficient for your needs. As a rule, however, a south-facing window will take the most advantage of the natural light, and will keep your loft both bright and warm for the majority of the day.

Energy Efficient Glazing For Your Roof Windows

Though installing multiple roof windows in your loft may seem counterproductive to preventing heat from escaping, there is a solution that can ensure you’ll enjoy the daylight all day long, as well as keep your energy bills down.

Most contractors these days will offer or recommend double glazing as a standard when installing windows in your home. This method allows your home to remain cool in the summer but warm in the winter, thanks to a pocket of gas in between the two panes of glass. For those who are keen to ensure the most energy efficient solution for their home, however, triple glazing could be the answer.

Though it is a more substantial investment than double glazing, triple glazing boasts a higher U-Value than any other kind of glazing. This will not only help to lower your bills considerably, but can also make your home even more attractive to prospective buyers later down the line for its impressive energy ratings.

Eco-Friendly Materials For Your Roof Windows

Although the frame material has less bearing on the energy efficiency of a window than the glazing, it is worth considering the materials you are choosing when installing your roof windows. Wood, for example, is an excellent insulator, as opposed to materials such as plastic.

However, there are multiple other benefits to opting for a wooden window frame, particularly if you are concerned with efficiency and eco-friendliness. Timber, for example, is thought to be the most eco-friendly frame material that still offers fantastic value for money.

Not only is wood a far more sustainable material than plastic, but it also has a much longer lifespan. The average lifespan of a good quality timber roof window can be as long as 60 years, as opposed to 35 years for a plastic one. By choosing your materials carefully, you can rest assured that your loft conversion and your roof windows are contributing as little as possible to plastic pollution.


For those attempting to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their loft conversion, roof windows should play an important role, particularly regarding energy efficient solutions. By choosing the right sort of roof window for your home, you can enjoy a comfortable living space with your family, while resting assured that you are reducing both your waste and your bills.