Today we ask Big Phil about the benefits of solar roof window blinds

Date Posted: 24 August 2016

What makes solar roof window blinds so great?

The best thing about solar roof window blinds is how easy they are to install and operate. For many people worried about additional electrical work when building or creating a roof space, solar powered roof window blinds are a light bulb moment. They’re the answer to simplifying the works.

What’s more, the window blinds are made to measure for your sky light or roof window, meaning total blackout if that’s what you want or go for the ‘dim-out’ option if that suits your space better.

Solar roof window blinds are operated by remote control so you simply have to press a button and do not need to reach the blind to operate it. All you need to do to order your solar powered roof window blinds is call us on 020 8551 5800 or drop into our showroom in Ilford, Essex. Make sure you bring your window serial numbers with you if you are ordering for existing windows.


Why are solar roof window blinds so easy to install?

Because solar powered window blinds are powered by natural sunlight, they don’t need to be connected to your electrical circuits or require wires to link them to plug sockets. This means you don’t need to worry about burying wires in the wall or complex changes to the way your roof space is wired.


How reliable are solar powered blinds with the UK’s lack of sunshine?

Although we like to moan about the weather here in the UK, solar roof window blinds get more than enough exposure to the sun to operate without any cause for concern. Even a typically poor British summer provides enough solar power to charge the battery of your window blind to operate for eight months without any sunlight. In other words, solar roof window blinds would work fine throughout an artic winter.