We ask Phil what’s so special about the Keylite wooden Loft Ladder

Date Posted: 14 August 2016


When it comes to the new Keylite loft ladder, it’s all pretty special really. They’re one of the safest and most sturdy loft ladders available and as you’d expect with an industry leading brand, there’s a range of clever touches to make the Keylite wooden loft ladder ideal for your loft access needs.

The Keylite wooden loft ladder is the ideal way to access your loft space. As long as it’s a non-inhabitable space, you can’t go wrong. As you’ll probably know, you have to have fixed stairs if your loft space is being used as a room or rooms inside a property.

All Keylite wooden loft ladders come pre-built so you don’t have to spend time assembling them. They’ve put a lot of thought into the hinge and bracket system too, meaning more step width and easier access through your loft hatch.

When it comes to installing the keylite wooden loft ladder, it doesn’t get any easier. With one-person installation option, the Keylite wooden loft ladder comes with Flick-Fit installation. It has pre-installed brackets so you can install the loft ladder from below. It also has a unique detachable ladder to make installation even easier.

They’re designed with energy efficiency in mid, coming with a continuous seal around the trap-door to reduce heat loss from your home. The trapdoor itself is just 36mm thick but fully insulated too.

The Keylite wooden loft ladder maintain the brand leader’s fine finish reputation, with dovetail joints on all ladder treads to make them slip resistant and scratch resistant protective feet at the bottom of the ladder to prevent damage to carpet, laminate, wooden or tiled floors below.